1969   The Matra Metal Works (Mátravidéki Fémművek), located in Sirok, bought the plant of the
  Agricultural Machine Company in Füzesabony
1970   Started the production of technical and fancy cans, and aluminium tubes
1978   We started the coating and lithographying of the raw materials, both on tinplate and aluminium sheets
1991   Under the name of Pikopack Packaging Factory, the plant in Füzesabony started to work independently
1992   The 100% state owned company changed to joint-stock company, called Pikopack Zrt., which became
  a 100% privately owned company
1993   After the privatization process the company acquired the majority of Kaldera Kft., based in Miskolc, Hungary.
1995   The company has interest in other domestic and foreign metal packaging products manufacturing companies.
1996   The company was audited according to ISO 9001 Standard
1999   Started the production of aerosol cans
2002    Started the production of components for aerosol and food cans
2003   Started the production of food cans in 83 mm and 73 mm diameter
2004   Installed our 4th aerosol line
2006   Renewed our ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certificates
2007   An after burner have been built up on the top of our printing workshop to make our printing
  process more environment-friendly
2009     Widened the size range on our food can production line with diameter  65 mm cans
2011   Thanks to the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget allocation of grants
  have been run in the second and fifth aerosol cans production lines.
2012  Has been introduced in the manufacture of food cans in Ø153 mm diameter.
2012  The modernization of prepress CTP technology is introduced.
2014   A new lacquering line was put into operation
2019  Started the production of Easy-open lids for food cans